Thursday, September 1, 2011

House Oversight Committee Chaiman Darrell Issa and Senate Judiciaty Committee Chuck Grassley Send Letter To Ann Scheel Acting U.S. Attorney Phoenix Arizona

This has been a very busy week with the Fast N Furious Investigation.

The American people have witnessed job shuffles with the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms and the transfer of an Assistant U.S. Attorney  of the Phoenix, Arizona office and the resignation of the Phoenix U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke.

The non job shuffle of Ousted ATF Acting Director Kenneth Melson to a do nothing job within the bureau is not surprising considering Melson went against Department of Justice wishes and testified to congress and did some whistle blowing of his own has basically received the same treatment ATF Agents have gotten in the past for speaking out about things within the ATF that were either against policy or downright illegal and not part of the ATF mission.I guess what goes around comes around.

The unexpected resignation of U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke was of no surprise considering Burke also went behind the DOJ and gave very damaging testimony to the House Oversight Committee and their investigators.

Burkes testimony was supposed to be kept under wraps for the time being so the House Oversight Committee could hold another round of hearings and catch Lanny Breuer head of the DOJ criminal division,and others in more lies.It is believed at this time the information Burke provided to the House Oversight Committee as well as some documents was leaked by a democrat on the committee itself.

This is what prompted U.S. Attorney Dennis Burkes resignation the same day that Kenneth Melson acting Director of ATF was sent off to another department within the ATF to begin his rotting process as a whistle blower and no longer team player with the Obama administration.

Now we have Dennis Burkes Assistant U.S. Attorney Ann Scheels taking over Burkes job as acting U.S. Attorney of the Phoenix, Arizona office where Fast N Furious was operated from with the blessing of Eric Holder and Barack Obama.I say this because there is sufficient evidence to suggest that U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder had full knowledge of this illegal operation and if anyone knows how Washington DC works then you know the Attorney General briefs the President on a daily basis.
From what else is known,Ann Scheels also worked on Fast N Furious as well, and is  now being asked by Chairman Darrell Issa and Senate Judiciary Chuck Grassley to be forthcoming in supplying any and all documents relating to who knew what and when about Fast N Furious with the Phoenix, Arizona DOJ.
I wonder where they will transfer Ann Scheels to when and if she cooperates with Congress.This will be interesting in days to come.

I believe from what I have seen of this case so far that this will ultimately lead directly to Barack Obama and some of his staff within the Whitehouse.This time next year should prove to be very interesting with the presidential election coming up and the several Obama administration criminal activity investigations going on in congress at this time.

The Obama administration has been the most lawless administration I have every seen in my life!
I do not hold any party affiliation what so ever and it makes no difference to me who it is that breaks the laws of our country or perverts our constitution I play no favorites to either party.

The American people deserve better than they are getting from the politicians in Washington DC!
I see to many in congress as well as the Whitehouse breaking the law and not upholding their oaths of office.Enough is enough!


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